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WE Dental Method


Precision and excellence are the two main pillars that define the treatment procedures at WE Dental, a top dental clinic in Coimbatore. We believe that the ailment of every patient is uniquely different, and there can be no standardized protocol to be followed. Each patient is addressed based on understanding the reason for the ailment, followed by an appropriate method to treat it, so that there is no compromise in delivering the perfect solution with an accurate result.

So, whether you have received dental treatment before or are looking to resolve a dental situation for the first time, at WE Dental, a top dental clinic in Coimbatore, a personalized treatment card would be crafted after a deep consultation and understanding of your requirements so that every patient experiences an unparallel result.

In order to treat a patient, the WE Dental clinic follows these 3 steps:



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A Detailed Consultation


It’s not just a consultation but an educational tour. Dental procedures are not an inexpensive process; the quality of the products used, the intricacy of the procedure, and the skill of the dentist make them a cost-effective procedure. To ensure that every patient understands what and how their dental health would be treated, WE Dental, a top dental clinic in Coimbatore, conducts an explanatory session by taking various photographic images of our patients oral cavities, making them understand their condition and the varied options available to heal the dental malady and what would suit them the best. This extra care is taken to ensure the utmost satisfaction of every patient of ours.

After all, dentistry is not just about cleaning, drilling, and filling; it’s about offering holistic care to every patient.




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The Plan


Based on the diagnosis of the ailment, a detailed sketch is made for the patient to understand how the teeth would be corrected and what procedure would be followed.




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The Execution


Unlike regular dentistry, WE Dental, a top dental clinic in Coimbatore, believes in absolute precision, and therefore Dr. Arshad operates all his patients under a microscope and dental loupes so that he gets a better and more detailed picture of the teeth and other minute details.


Very few dental professionals are trained on the use of a dental microscope, and this unique skill is what allows Dr. Arshad to perform dental treatment with the greatest comfort and increased precision for the patients. The use of the microscope plays a significant role in advanced dentistry, from treating simple decay teeth and root canal treatments to cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, by providing magnified images, increased precision, and improved visualization.