Scaling and Polishing


Getting your teeth checked and cleaned by a dentist is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. But no matter how well you clean your teeth there will always be hard to reach back teeth region. In these areas, deposits (plaque) accumulate and may eventually mineralize to form a tough, crusty deposit called calculus or tartar which is impossible to remove by brushing alone. If it is not removed, more plaque can accumulate around the tooth and potentially under the gum line, leading to the progression of gum disease causing bleeding gums, bad breathe, mobile teeth and tooth loss. Hence a professional teeth cleaning is required. It usually involves two procedures-scaling and polishing.


Scaling is professional teeth cleaning that involves the use of a specialized machines called ultrasonic scalar to loosen plaque and tartar without damaging your teeth and gums.


It involves smoothening the rough tooth surface to protect against further plaque buildup.

After teeth scaling and polishing, we take the responsibility to educate the importance of oral hygiene maintenance. We demonstrate you proper brushing, flossing techniques and other oral hygiene aids that help to keep your mouth deposit free. We also suggest water flosser machines for older patients as they have practical difficulty in following the given instructions. This can make a noticeable difference in your regular oral hygiene.