Immediate Implant Service in Coimbatore

Strategic Implants

Strategic Implant service in coimbatore

While most of the implant procedures are complicated, with the requirement of multiple sittings, spaced out into many months with a minimum of 6 to 8 months to get your teeth fixed,WE Dental offers “NO TEETH TO NEW TEETH” within 72 hours.

Let us go through a quick review on Basal or strategic implants.

Basal dental implant is an innovative new treatment being implemented by dentists globally. Immediate loading basal dental implants are seen as more efficient and require less stringent oral hygiene prior to the procedure.

They differ from conventional implants primarily through the execution of the prosthetic construction and post-operative regime, but also in terms of their placing and force distribution. Moreover Basal implants are single unit implants and made up of bio-compatible titanium alloy.


Characteristics of Immediate Loading Basal Implants:

  • They can be applied in severe cases of bone loss(Atrophy) . Advanced periodontal conditions can lead to tooth loss and bone loss which can be treated with immediate loading basal implants in just one visit.
  • Immediate loading basal implants are appropriate for almost all patients including smokers, diabetic, cardiac patients with no teeth.
  • The treatment boasts 98% success rate, a higher rate than that of conventional implants.
  • Patients can get fixed teeth in 3-4 days. Immediate loading basal implants can be placed immediately after extraction of teeth in a single visit.
  • Risks of potential health complications following implantation are minimized, this is due to less invasive surgery and the placement of the implants deep into the basal bone.
  • Oral hygiene requirements of the patient are less demanding; however, the patients must have perfect oral hygiene and regular check-ups following the treatment. It is very likely to compromise the implant and it to be subsequently lost if not.
  • Placement of immediate loading basal implants can cost less than conventional implants due to the reduced amount of treatment stages.
  • Immediate loading basal implants are the first choice for moderate or severe bone loss of the jaw and in cases where patients want immediate restoration of the masticatory function.
  • They can be used as an anchor for bridges and dentures.
  • Missing single tooth can also be replaced with immediate loading basal implants.
  • It is completed in one series of visits, no second series is required ¬3-4 months down the line.

How Long do Immediate Loading Basal Implants Last?

These dental implants are specially designed to last for life. They offer the closest possible alternative to an actual tooth replacement, function and looks just like natural teeth.

How Painful are Immediate Loading Basal Implants?

At WE Dental center, we use cartridge syringe for administering local anaesthesia making it pain free for placing implants.

How do I Care for Immediate Loading Basal Implants?

In the early post-operative phase, it is critical to follow the oral hygiene instructions given by your dentist so the healing is fast and infection-free.

Once the healing is complete, the implant requires thorough and regular care. The success of the procedure depends very much on the personal responsibility of the patient. Regular dental check-ups are required.