Root Canal Treatment in Coimbatore

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal Treatment in coimbatore

Root Canal Treatment is performed when carious infection reaches the pulp (blood vessels and nerve supply to the tooth). Unlike the old techniques, RCT being performed with multiple sittings, WE Dental provides the latest technique where the procedure is completed in a single sitting that takes between 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the teeth (front or back teeth).

Root Canal Treatment procedure is done under local anesthesia. Dentists excavate the carious part of the teeth and prepare the access, i.e. the pulp chamber of the teeth is reached. The infected pulp tissues containing blood vessels and nerves are removed. Root canal filling is cleaned properly with medicated solutions like saline, chlorhexidine, sodium hypochlorite, Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) and shaped with rotary instruments. The pulp canal is then irrigated and dried completely. The root canal filling material called Gutta-percha is coated with a medicament and canal is sealed completely till the root. A permanent tooth coloured filling is done over the sealed roots and followed by capping the tooth.

Laser root canal treatment is another advancement used in the present day practice. Lasers are used as an adjunct in endodontic treatment. The laser light is passed through the root canal that helps in disinfection. This enhances the healing process and improves the decontamination process better than regular root canal filling. WE Dental prefers single visit endodontic treatment that ensures patient receives the treatment in a less time with utmost care and concern.

Isolation plays a major role in success rate of the root canal filling. Contamination of the operating area can lead to failure of the treatment no sooner, hence WE Dental follows strict protocol in isolating the surgical area. RUBBER DAM is an advanced isolation technique that contains thin sheet held by a clamp and a frame in which all the remaining teeth except the operating teeth is covered. This is very essential for the operating field to avoid contamination like saliva, fluids in and out. This method of isolation helps in achieving the goals like moisture control, retraction and access, harm prevention.