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Painless Dentistry

Painless Dental Implants in Coimbatore|Painless Dental Clinic

Are you scared of undergoing dental treatment?

Here are a few reasons why dental treatments are not as painful as you imagine them to be.


Pain-free anesthesia

We apply a topical anesthetic gel so that you don’t feel the prick at the injection site. We do not use a regular plastic syringe, which contains thick needles. Instead, we use a cartridge syringe system to deliver local anesthetic solutions, which have thin needles that cause merely no pain or very less pain.


Tooth Removal


Tooth removal is painless at WE Dental as we use advanced techniques for injecting local anesthetic solutions. Wisdom teeth removal involves trimming the bone, exposing the hidden teeth, and removing the teeth. This procedure is made very easy and comfortable with advanced techniques.