Invisalign Cost in Coimbatore

Invisible Aligners

invisalign cost in coimbatore

Aligners are used to align the crooked teeth into a straight one without braces. Aligners are made of a strong type of plastic material called as polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) and fabricated to fit each individual’s mouth. Aligners are removable appliances which are designed to exert programmed amount of force to bring out the desired tooth movement. In this treatment method, set of aligners are given to patients, in which the number of aligners and duration of wear is decided based on complexity of the mal alignment.

Dentist record the teeth positions using digital scanning system and format digital treatment plan with software. The desired alignment is shown to the patient immediately after scanning. Complete kit of aligners is then given to the patient and advised to wear it full time except while eating. Periodic review is done to check for the transformation. The advantages of this procedure is

  • Less number of visits.
  • Eliminates Need for Braces – so it’s next to invisible orthodontic treatment.
  • Brackets hinder brushing that can weaken the gums; these issues can be eliminated with invisible braces.
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Duration of the treatment can be predicted exactly.
  • One can munch all favorite foods while it’s not possible with braces.
  • Easy method of treatment.

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