Dental Veneers Treatment in Coimbatore

Smile Makeover – Veneers



    Laminate veneer teeth are one of the best minimal invasive solution for smile transition if you aren’t happy with the smile. Veneers are often referred to Hollywood/ Bollywood smile. They are very thin and strong material made either from porcelain veneers or a resin composite that are attached over the front surface of the tooth. Veneers change the shape, color and size of the natural tooth that can alter many dental imperfections. Chipped off tooth, discoloration, mild crowding/ irregular teeth, mild spacing, surface irregularities in enamel, can be fixed and strengthened with composite veneers.

      Dentist remove approximately 0.3 -0.4 millimeter of enamel depending upon the need, in front portion of your teeth and records the impression of the prepared teeth. Impression is sent to lab and the tooth veneers are fabricated according to your desired color, shape, size. Laminates are then placed over the tooth with an adhesive cement.

        Dental veneers can eliminate the need for capping the tooth which requires extensive tooth grinding. Veneers also eliminates the need for braces in conditions like mild crowding/ spacing; still a quick, less traumatic and permanent solution.