Dental Tourism in India


At WE Dental, we can define dental tourism as a branch of medical tourism that includes traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental surgeries, and dental treatments that are generally expensive in one’s own country. The important reasons to come to get dental treatment in India is the difference in the cost of dental treatment in India as well as the expertise of the doctors providing high-quality dental care in India.

India attracts patients from all over the world, the majority from the USA, UK, Middle East, Australia, etc., for treatments like cosmetic corrections and smile makeovers; Root canal treatment; Full mouth rehabilitation with implants and crowns; invisible aligners and transparent braces.


But Why Coimbatore?

Coimbatore is the most developed cosmopolitan city in Tamil Nadu. It has the highest number of skilled doctors, along with other health care facilities that make it a preferred medical tourist destination.

The current status of the healthcare services in Coimbatore can match any international standards of both hygiene and quality.

The line of doctors stationed in Coimbatore is globally known and travels places to provide consultation and speak on healthcare.

In fact, in comparison to the other states in India, the healthcare delivery system in Coimbatore has better infrastructure and top-notch professionals, along with maintaining ethical practices that turn out to be its biggest USP. Moreover,  surgeries and other services are extended to patients at only 60 percent of the cost in comparison to the other metropolitan cities.


Dental Tour at WE dental


Dental Tourism in india


At WE Dental, we extend an extra hand to our outstation tourists. We believe in providing the best services that ensure a comfortable stay. Our extensive team of internationally qualified doctors is equipped with all the latest medical equipment and technology to diagnose the ailment and treat it right. Our International Patients Department strives to ensure that, along with speedy recovery and good health, a homelike hospitality is maintained.

What makes us unique?

  • High-quality dental treatments are available at very affordable prices.
  • Experienced doctors are available, and multidisciplinary management can be done over here.
  • Airlines offer easy accessibility at affordable rates to reach India, so it’s very easy to plan a dental vacation.
  • When it comes to India, language is not a barrier. Multilingual staff, who are fluent in English, can guide you for a perfect dental experience.