Dental Crowns in Coimbatore

Smile Correction – Crowns

Dental Crowns in Coimbatore

Dental crowns are tooth shaped caps which are placed as a cover to the root canal treated teeth/ implant/ natural teeth for restoring its shape and size, strength, and to improve its appearance. This is the visible part of the tooth which is placed above the gum line.

WE Dental prefer to provide our patients, the tooth crowns with latest and high end material in market. There are many types of tooth crowns available. They are broadly classified as metal ceramic crowns and metal free ceramic crowns.

How do crown types matter in terms of aesthetics?

Metal free ceramic crowns look more natural and aesthetic when compare to metal ceramic crowns.Metal ceramic crowns reflect an opaque shade of metal that makes its appearance dull. This type of crowns are advised in the front/ anterior teeth for natural and more pleasing smile There are many options were available at WE Dental clinic for metal free ceramic crowns.


Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium is called white metal alloy made up of zirconium oxide which is used for fabricating dental crowns. The advantage of zirconia crowns is high strength material which requires comparatively minimal tooth preparation. Zirconia crown is available in various translucent shades that can match the natural tooth very precisely. It’s more biocompatible and safe in oral environment. It’s exclusively advised for back teeth/ posterior teeth for its high strength and durability.


E-Max Crowns

E-max crowns are made up of lithium disilicate ceramic material. E max crowns delivers outstanding esthetics and precision fit. The crown is comparatively thin and requires minimal tooth preparation. Since the material is more transparent that transmit light, the material looks thin but has properties with high strength. This is indicated exclusively for front teeth to precisely look natural and give a flawless smile.