Coimbatore Best Dental Clinic

Patient’s Safety

WE Dental follows all preventive measures


Protective Protocols for safety of our Patients


Safety Touch Kit

WE Dental, in this pandemic situation concerned about the safety of our patients and to provide immense protection, introduced the “SAFE TOUCH KIT”.
This kit encloses a triple-layer mask, hand gloves, a foot cover, and a hand sanitizer bottle. This is provided individually to everyone who enters our premises.
This ensures complete safety and clear protection for all our patients, prevents them from being cross-contaminated, and controls the spread of the infection. This will be secure and potentially prevent COVID-19 from being contaminated.


Personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards. These are protective gears designed to safeguard the health of workers by minimizing exposure to a biological agent. This includes items such as gloves, safety glasses, a foot cover, gloves, a face shield, and full body suits.

We strictly follow individual, separate PPE for all patients and dispose of them immediately so they do not cross-infect with others.

4 Step Sterilization

Step 1: Chemical Sterilization

Instruments after treatment procedures are washed well and kept in a disinfectant solution for a minimum of 30 minutes. Chemicals like glutaraldehyde and chlorine dioxide are used to disinfect the instruments.

Step 2: Ultrasonic Chamber

Once cleansed, it is placed in an ultrasonic cleaner chamber. After drying, instruments are packaged in separate, sealed pouches to maintain sterilization.

Step-3 Autoclave

Sterilized in an autoclave under high pressure and temperature to ensure 100% sterilization following the sterilization cycle.

Step 4: UV Cabinet

Stored in UV light storage cabinets to maintain the sterility of instruments until they are used.

This four-step protocol, followed by us, assures the efficient eradication of infection and secure storage of sterile instruments.


Fumigaton is a process of gaseous sterilization used to control infection in healthcare clinics. Chemicals like formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, methyl bromide, hydrogen peroxide vapor, and chlorine dioxide are used. The disinfectant fumigation machine can be used for sanitation and prevention in hospitals.
WE Dental mandates that we fumigate before and after each appointment to ensure a completely microbe-free environment.

Electric Handpiece

WE Dental, with its high advancements, always focuses on providing a protective environment for our patients. We use the quality-featured electronic handpiece that has appreciable properties like reduced aerosol, controlled noise interference, and efficient working.
The handpiece’s technology keeps patients safer and shortens the procedure. The patients will appreciate the quieter, smoother operation and calm ambience.

Air purifier

Dental air purifiers need to capture drill aerosols, abrasion powder, vapors and other contaminants. This requires advanced filtration that can purify air down to a very small size. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) is a mechanical air filter. Air is forced through a filter, trapping harmful particles like bacteria, virus including COVID-19.
In WE Dental, Air purifiers are placed in the reception and operatory areas helping in maintaining healthy environment that purifies the air constantly.

UV-C light

UVC light is an effective addition to manual cleaning efforts and can kill harmful pathogens quickly and efficiently. Exposure to UVC light for a specific length of time and intensity kills dangerous microorganisms. UVC technology is one of the most effective ways to significantly decrease the pool of harmful pathogens that cause infection.
In addition to all the measures WE Dental make sure that the constant safety is brought out by this UV-C light which assists the eradication of any microbes or infections in the clinical environment.