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We never give importance to what is temporary, milk tooth are the same.

We never give importance to what is temporary, milk tooth are the same. I have been doing Pediatric dentistry from 2005 but in the growing era of information and technology, I still have patients coming to me

and saying “WHY WE NEED TO TREAT IT IS A MILK TEETH IT WILL FALL OFF”, it will but what about the quality of life till it falls? The front teeth will fall between 7-9 years and the back teeth between 10-12years. The child will have a tooth which is causing sensitivity and pain every time they chew. Will we let a tooth hurt us and still be normal and doing our routine? Our children can’t express their pain like us. We let them be with it and one day when the child wakes up to have a fever or a swelling we feel bad.

It’s not just about pain, Milk tooth are important for the following

• Help maintain a healthy body

• Help provide nutrition

• Help make speech possible

• Aid in the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles

• Add to an attractive appearance

• Reserve space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position

For whoever is reading this spread a word of awareness, spread a word to save as many little smiles. A tooth saved today can give them a healthy future tomorrow, because a healthy mouth is the beginning of a healthy body and a healthy future.

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