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Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry the boon in dentistry, gives an extremely painless treatment. Unlike using blade on the gums causing bleeding and pain, lasers are just being so effective with no bleeding and pain leading to a very comfort zone. At WE Dental, we just don’t make it to be painless and blood free but also making it very simpler to simplest. The option of using lasers reduce the duration of the treatment making it a very easy and faster mode of action in healing.
Types of lasers in dentistry
Hard tissue lasers:
Hard tissue lasers are used in the teeth (hard tissue). The wavelength of this laser cuts through both water and bone, specifically the calcium phosphate present in the bone which is also present in the teeth. Hard tissue lasers are used to prepare the teeth for filling , teeth desensitizing and laser whitening.
Soft tissue lasers:
Soft tissue lasers are used in soft tissue corrections. The wavelength of this type of lasers have a light wavelength that absorbs both water and haemoglobin which makes it ideal for gum corrections . This cuts the gums and seals the exposed blood vessels making it a blood free zone. The treatment procedures done with these lasers are

Gingivectomy / Gingivoplasty:
Gingivectomy/ Gingivoplasty is the removal of the gums or part of the gums or gingiva to contour the gums. Removal of the gums is required in conditions where there is gum enlargement or over extended gums. Gum enlargement is caused when there is any irritation or insult to the gums. The part of the gums are cut with the help of laser with no pain and bleeding.
This procedure is done to eliminate the pockets aswel. Pockets are spaces that are present between the gum and teeth. When the pockets are too deep beyond the normal level. The gums are removed by passing the lasers thus preventing the further progression of the pocket deepening.

Crown lengthening:
Crown lengthening is a procedure where part of the gums are removed from its original level to 1mm or 2mm below. Crown lengthening is done to increase the crown height . In a Root Canal Treated tooth crowning the tooth is required, in this circumstance when the required crown height is not present the gum level is reduced from its present level , thus increasing the height to the desirable need.

Laser curettage:

Curettage also know as deep cleaning , can be done with lasers with no pain and bleeding. Laser curettage is done on patients with gum problem. The laser is passed through the pockets , space present between the tooth and gums . This destroys the microbial infection present deep between the roots , gums and the bone. This helps in preventing further progression of the disease.

Flap surgery with lasers:
Flap surgery is the next line of treatment to deep cleaning for gum diseases. The gums are separated along the tooth surface and the bone , the unhealthy tissues are removed with laser and debridement along with sutures is placed. Sometime bone grafting is required in certain categories for better prognosis.

Gingival ablation / Depigmentation:
Gingival ablation is the removal of the surface of the gum thus removing the pigmented gums. The color of the gingiva plays a vital role in ones oral cavity. Most of them have the will to have pink or coral pink gingiva rather than having a dark color gums. To attain with the desirable gum color gingival ablation or depigmentation with laser is adapted thus making it a simple and painless procedure.

WE Dental, on understanding with patients need, adapts to the laser technique for gum diseases and corrections to make it more effective and simple with nil pain enhancing the color , contour and gingival health.

Microscopic Dentistry

Dental microscopes enhances the magnification. This improves the accuracy in visibility of tooth structure in performing procedures like RCT, tooth preparations and etc. The built-in light source in the microscope allows the light to pass through the difficult accessible areas in the mouth thus giving the accurate orientation and visibility. WE Dental provides you with the accurate treatment procedures with no compromise.
Dental loupes also equal to microscopes. This consists of eye wear and the loupes are attached to it. Each loupe has a resolution power such as 1.5 or 2.5 or 3.5. This is more complatible in usage and gives comfort on working over with the patient in performing fillings, Root Canals etc.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening a non-invasive procedure increasing the brightness and whiteness of your teeth. Whitening helps you get rid of your stained teeth. Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedure as it greatly increases the look of your teeth. At WE Dental, we procure your need and the procedure is done at your comfort giving you a bright and white smile. There are two types of teeth whitening available.
 Vital Whitening:
It’s a common whitening procedure performed. It is of 2 other types known as In Office Bleach and At Home Bleach .
In Office bleach is done in the dental office where it takes about minimum of 2 to 3 sittings. The number of sittings usually depends on the severity of the stains and the whitening shade that one desires for . It consists of gel that is applied on the tooth surface from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the brand of the whitening gel and these require lights or laser to activate the whitening agents.
At home bleach can be done by the patients in their house. An impression is made for the patient and tray like mouth pieces are customised for both the arches. The whitening gels are given in hand to the patient. The trays are to be filled with the whitening gel and should be worn for several hours a day. Few patients achieve whitening of the teeth within a week or two but these trays should be worn for atleast four weeks.
 Non – Vital Whitening:
Non Vital whitening is done for tooth that have intrinsic stains. In this type of whitening , the whitening material is placed inside the tooth and temporary filling is placed. This is left as such for a week and the tooth gets whitened. This procedure can also be repeated until the desired shade is achieved. This can be performed only in Root Canal Treated teeth.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shell like tooth structures that are fixed over the tooth surface, also known as Hollywood or Bollywood smile. This procedure is performed for stained tooth , carious tooth , space closure in certain categories. At WE Smile Design Studio, your smile line is corrected accordingly giving you a very pleasant and pleasing smile with confidence enhanced within.

Veneers are fabricated with various materials.
Composite veneers:
These are a type of veneers where a layering of composite material (tooth colored filling material) is used. It can be used in mild spacing and fractured tooth conditions. Composite veneers are done in a single sitting . It requires the skill of the dentist in bringing out the exact shade , morphology and symmetrical tooth ratios.
At WE Smile Design Studio , our expert offers the best composite veneers with the best quality materials. Photographs are taken in each step of the procedure and the final outcome is brought out according to the patients need. No compromise is made up to even 1% at any cause.

Porcelain veneers / Ceramic Veneers:
These are another type of veneers where it requires a minimum of 2 sitting. The superficial layer of the tooth structure is removed , impression is made and the veneers are fabricated and fixed on to the tooth surface. Permanent fixing is done once after the patient is satisfied with the morphology of the veneers with no compromise.

No prep Veneers or Minimal prep Veneers:
No prep veneers as the name suggests, preparation of the tooth structure is not required. This type of veneers are applicable in cases of spacing between the teeth fractured tooth or misaligned tooth, under certain categories. In this the veneers are fixed to the original tooth as such without needing for any reduction or sometimes with minimal preparation of the tooth structure.
These veneers are extremely thin and give a good profile without increasing the bulk of the teeth. WE Smile Design Studio offers the best options for Smile Designing with no prep veneers. These give out a very excellent result with porcelain or ceramic no prep veneers.

Dental Crowns and Bridges


Crowns and bridges are also used in smile correction . Crowns cover the entire tooth structure. Crowns or bridges are applicable mainly for Root Canal Treated tooth, missing tooth replacement, smile designing, At WE Dental we give you humpty options for you to choose the best crowns as per your need , bringing out the best result out of it. The options are as follows:
Metal ceramic crowns:
Metal ceramic crowns are crowns with core material being metal and surrounded with layers of ceramic. The types in metal ceramic crowns are

1. PFM (Porcelain Fused with Metal) crowns are a type of metal ceramic crowns where the ceramic layering over the core metal substructure is minimal up to one or two layers. This minimal layering of ceramic over metal provides a very good strength for the crown.
2. DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) crowns are one of the next updated type compared to the PFM crowns. The ceramic layering over the metal structure is up to five or six. Increasing the layering of ceramic over metal increases the wear and tear resistance of the ceramic layer.
Unlike regular metal ceramic crowns, WE Dental provides with accurate shade match of the crowns to that of the natural tooth with its advance and fully equipped lab , as the presence of metal as the sub structure , leads to the reflection of the metal making it a mis-match. With the advanced
All ceramic crowns:
All ceramic crowns as the name suggests , they are metal free crowns. These crowns are fully made of ceramic where the shade and morphology of the crown exactly simulates to that of the natural tooth .
Zirconia crowns:
Zirconia crowns are a type of all ceramic crowns that makes wonders in ones mouth.This brings out the best outcome. These type of crown simulate a natural teeth where one cannot even predict these are crowns. The shade, morphology and the teeth ratios are fabricated exactly calculating with the facial profile , smile line and the lip competency.
Based on the quality ,strength and durability, zirconia crowns are humpty in ranges. WE Dental provides you with all the available options and brings out the best result beyond your imagination.
Emax crowns:
Emax crowns are another type of all ceramic crowns which are also metal free crown. They are translucent and have a glassy appearance compared to that of Zirconia crowns. Emax crowns are also one of the most wide spread variant in the field of cosmetic dentistry. These also have a good durability and strength as compared to Zirconia crowns.

Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment is performed when dental caries reach the pulp (blood vessels and nerve supply to the tooth). Unlike the old techniques, RCT being performed with multiple sittings, WE Dental has adapted with the advanced technique where the procedure itself is finished in a single sitting from 20 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the teeth (front or back teeth) making it more comfortable to the patient’s part.
This procedure is done under local anesthesia. The caries are first excavated completely and the access is prepared , i.e. the pulp chamber of the tooth is reached. The infected pulp tissues consisting the blood vessels and nerves are extirpated followed by cleaning pulp chamber and pulp canal deep into the root. This procedure requires a couple of X-rays.
The cleaning of the pulp canal is done to remove the left over infected pulp remnants and debris. Irrigation of the pulpal canal is mandatory with medicaments and solutions which help is disinfecting till the root apex.
The pulp canal is irrigated and dried completely. The root canal filling material called the Gutta Percha are coated with medicament, placed into the canal till the root apex and then sealed. Then a filling is done in the tooth.
The above mentioned steps of the root canal procedure does not end just with the filling, it is fully complete only after a crown is cemented to the tooth as the root canal treated tooth cannot withstand the masticatory force on its own for a long duration. If crown is not fixed, the tooth ends up with fracture and ending up finally with extraction leading to failure of the whole root canal procedure.
Laser root canal treatment is another advancement used in the present day practice. Lasers are used as an adjunct in root canal treatment. The laser beam is passed through the root canals that helps in decontamination.
WE Dental being one of the most advanced dental centers in the city employes the best technique understanding the need and comfort of the patient. On adapting to single visit endodontic technique ensures the patients to receive the whole treatment in a very less duration with complete care and concern.

Orthodontic Braces


Braces are the techniques employed for teeth alignment. Brackets are bonded to the tooth surface and wires are attached to the brackets which help in the tooth movement leading to the exact alignment of the teeth in the arch form. The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of mal-alignment of the teeth.
Metal braces:
Metal braces are the conventional technique, where the brackets are bonded to the tooth surface and bendable metal wires are attached to the brackets in order to apply pressure leading to the movement of the teeth. The older technique had wires and brackets that are noticeable that could be annoying because of their size and intrusiveness. In the present day, metal brackets have become advanced such that the brackets are smaller in size thus reducing its noticeabilty. WE Dental being the advanced dental clinic has adapted to the advanced generation of metal braces.
 Ceramic braces:
Ceramic braces are alternative to metal braces. These braces are far less noticeable as compared to the metal braces. These are brackets that are to the tooth colour and blend to the tooth. Tooth coloured wires are also used such that they become much more less noticeable. These are comparatively expensive than the metal braces. These braces are aesthetically pleasing.
 Self-ligating braces:
Self – ligating braces are similar to conventional braces except for the ligatures. No elastics or bands are required in this type instead special clips or brackets are used to help the archwire move your teeth to place. Self-ligating brackets speeds up the alignment of the teeth. But in certain situations case scenarios elastics are required, in that condition Self-ligating braces are not applicable.
Lingual braces:
Lingual braces are another advancement in the field of orthodontics. These braces are worn on the back surface of the teeth. These braces are not fixed on the front surface of the teeth making them virtually invisible. These are custom made braces for each patient.
As these braces are fixed to the back portion of the teeth there comes difficulty to adapt to lingual braces than the conventional braces as it affects the tongue. There comes difficulty in swallowing without tongue thrust and talking becomes little tricky as the braces are fixed towards the tongue surface.
Clear Aligners:
Clear Aligners are invisible aligners as the name predicts, they are invisible kind of braces employed for the correction of mal alignment of teeth. The great advantage in opting aligners is the confidence in communicating and smiling doesn’t get disturbed as that occurring with braces.
This contains a number of trays in pairs , which the patient fix them inside their mouth. Each pair of trays are to be worn and changed according to the duration instructed. These aligners don’t require regular visits to the dentist as required with metal or ceramic braces. These are totally invisible and patient friendly.

Scaling and Polishing

scaling and polishing

scaling and polishing

Deposition of food between the gums and teeth is a common oral health problem encountered by each and everyone. These deposits initially adhere to the tooth surface called as debris appear to be as soft deposits called plaque. These plaque can be removed by normal brushing.
When these deposits are not noticed or left ignored , it becomes hard and adheres very firmly to the tooth surfaces. These hard deposits known as calculus cannot be removed by normal brushing, it requires professional cleaning followed by polishing.
These deposits if left without cleaning leads to gum diseases where it forms as a bacterial infection damaging the gingiva then progressing to the wherever causing bone resorption or bone loss ending up with teeth mobility and inability to chew.
WE Dental provides cleaning and polishing with the advanced equipments that makes your treatment more comfortable and less time consuming. WE Dental also takes extra time in just explaining to its patients regarding the oral hygiene maintainance with great care and interest.


Filling / Restoration

Filling / Restoration

Restoring the teeth that is decayed stands to be the primary treatment protocol. Decay is a bacterial infection caused by streptococcus mutans. These microbes just adhere to the tooth surface just eating up the tooth structure.
Decay arises as a white spot on any surface of a tooth and any tooth. These white spots change to yellow and brown finally leading to black spots on the tooth surface. The decay first infects the superficial layer of the tooth and gradually progressess deeper in any direction either rapid or slow.
WE Dental offers with option for filling the teeth with the best quality. Normal filling where the filling material doesn’t match exactly to the tooth shade and appears white in colour. The next option is the tooth coloured filling where the filling exactly matches to the tooth shade not giving even a clue that a filling has been done to the tooth. These fillings have good strength and less wear and tear resistance on comparison to the normal filling.
The tooth coloured fillings are also falling under cosmetic correction when the decay is in the anterior teeth. These tooth colour fillings are also present in wide variants at WE Dental making its clients opt their own according to their need. Photographs are taken in order to select the exact shade to that of the tooth and the filling is done with keen interest and enthusiasm to bring about the original appearance of the tooth where one cannot appreciate the difference between the tooth and the filling.

Deep cleaning/Curettage

Deep cleaning is archived when the gum infection had started to a considerable level where the bone loss is just minimal. Administration of local anaesthesia is required in this procedure as the cleaning is done deep into the gums thus removing the bacterial infection.
In the traditional technique curettes – hand instrument have been used for deep cleaning where it was time consuming procedure. In the upgrading generation ultrasonic scalers have been adapted as one of the advanced technique making the procedure more effective in terms of prognosis and time consumption.
WE Dental being the advanced dental center has been adapting to the advanced treatment option of using ultrasonic scalers in performing the procedure very efficiently. The treatment is made extremely painless right from administration of anaesthesia to the end of the procedure

Tooth jewellery

It is a procedure where once smile could be me more ornamental. As the name suggests tooth jewellery is a kind of small studs or stone kind where these are fixed permanently to the teeth either on the canine or lateral incisor to get a sparkling smile that gains once confidence. This adds up to ones stylish appearance and fashion.
These stones are present in different shapes such as round, start or moon shape, etc and in different colours like gold , translucent, pink or blue. One can opt for any type of these to get a stylish and a stunning smile.

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