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Reason people fear the dentist

Fear towards dentists is common among both children and adults. While each person come up with an explanation or an excuse to skip out visiting the dentist, the stories seem to gravitate towards a few, common underlying reasons.

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Best Dental Implants Hospital Causes & Procedures

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Research says 69% of men between 35 and 40 ages lose at least one permanent tooth and 26% of adults over age 74 lost all permanent teeth. While this percentage is proven and continues to grow, Dental care industry has already found a solution to address the problem with natural looking results i.e dental implants. This procedure help in achieving functional restoration of teeth and help enjoy your life as ever before.

What triggers tooth sensitivity and lose?
Improper care of teeth is the major cause of tooth sensitivity. When dentin (surface beneath your gum) gets affected and exposed, any simple action such as hot, cold, or food reach the nerve in your tooth and triggers pain. Common reasons are:
1. Hard Brushing
2. Tooth decay
3. Broken teeth filled up with bacteria
4. Excessive use of teeth whitening products
5. Excessive teeth grinding
6. Eating acidic foods
7. Age factor
8. Gingivitis &
9. Plaque build-up

When tooth sensitivity becomes worse, it trigger loss of teeth. Teeth that are not properly cared are at high risk of fall out. In such cases, you must consult an oral surgeon to conduct dental implants. Dental implants and Implant-supported dental bridges are the most preferred treatment for missing tooth since it is proven for permanent restoration. In Implant-supported dental bridges, qualified dentist implant a titanium screw into the jaw which acts as artificial tooth roots and provide strength for false teeth making it look and feel like natural teeth.

How to undergo Dental Implants?
With advanced technology in Dental Industry, there are many hospitals specialized in dental implants. WeDentist offer cheap dental implants with qualified surgeons. Implants can be conducted to replace single tooth, multiple teeth or the entire rows of teeth. It basically involves three step-procedures i.e. Restoration, Abutment and Titanium Post.
Consult a doctor at WeDentist to get more understandings of Dental Implants.

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